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Patrick Del Rey

PATRICK DEL REY is a Dub and Roots Reggae producer based in the Cologne/Germany area. Patrick unavailingly claims not to be related to his namesake Lana and keeps insisting that the common name “Del Rey” just means “royal” in Catalan language. His first album “rasta machine” was quite a success and it was indeed elected “album of the month” by Birmingham’s famous Scratch Radio in May 2013. Patrick is also a key member of a reggae sound machine called “The Dub Ninjas” or “Patrick Del Rey & The Dub Ninjas”, a project which is expected to put out an album in early 2016.



disconnected (12” ep, 2011)
disconnected the remixes (12” ep, 2011)
disconnected (mini album including the remixes, 2011, mp3 only)
connected (12” ep, 2012)
rasta machine (cd and download album, 2013)


new album “dub from below” by PATRICK DEL REY & THE DUB NINJAS expected in early 2016


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