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andrea scardamaglia

Andrea Scardamaglia was born in 1979 in Italy, he soon discovered his passion for black music and in the early 90's he started mixing house music with a good friend (Danilo M.)
In the middle of the 90's he began to make rap and to produce hip hop music by cutting samples from vinyl funk.
Andrea produced rap until the end of 2011 until he and his old friends met again ...
Since then he's producing house music, but without losing the love for hip hop and still collecting vinyl and cutting its samples from the past, this time to produce house music.
At the same time he specialized as a tattoo artist.
He currently works at the most prestigious tattoo studio of the city in which he lives (Perugia).
Its suction to succeed in the music so that his passions can become a real job.
Perhaps this man is mad, or he has some disturbance of creativity?!
Who can tell!
We can only listen to the music that he creates in order to understand a little better.



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