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BLACKS ON BLONDES. deep. dark. funky. sexy. dub inspired house music by infamous producer
yannick de la moulage.

gogo yubari/white light (12”ep 2007)
having a pizza with terry lee (cd album 2008)
delicious/sublime control (12” ep 2009)
vaporized/nowhere (12” ep 2009)
travel without leaving the bed (cd album 2009)
the global groove riot ep (cd single 2010)
the jules vernes ep (split 12” with dominik vogel 2010)
el amor negro (12” and cd mini album with dominik vogel 2010)
black ratio (12” ep 2011)
funky ratio (download only ep 2011)

how to escape from a new age world (cd album, 2012)

various sampler contributions (e.g. advanced education 12”) and remixes for rotraum music

new album and split 12” expected in 2016

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