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Best known in the post-techno live-project. Plate Energun, who periodically came out in Europe (Thrill, Lifeform, Working Vinyl, Kazumi, Salpeter, Shubfaktor, etc.), are played by such famous DJ's like: Dj Rush, Robert Natus, Andreas Kremer, Arkus P, the group that brought fame not only in within European latitudes. To date, on account of the project 11 releases issued on vinyl. Some time Energun was in creative research and experimented with a variety of sounds, but in 2011 gode, returning to the classic sound of the project caused a storm of warm reviews from the international techno community. Thanks to what, in less than half a year were produced over 20 releases worldwide. Today Energun tracks played by such famous figures as techno Dave Clarke, Paul Mac, Bas Mooy, Logitech, Mark Morris, Luke Creed and many others. This fact once again confirms that the original music of this prolific project is relevant at this present time.


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