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Progressive, treibende Rhythmen kombiniert mit abstrakten und hypnotisch fesselnden
Melodien kündigen an das KayTO die Kanzel für sich in Anspruch genommen hat.
Dynamik und Klangvielfalt seiner Sets spiegeln sich im feiernden Publikum wieder.
Schon seit frühester Jugend wird er von elektronischer Musik begleitet, inspiriert, fasziniert und lebt dies im Club voll aus.

In his youthtime he was getting in touch with the Techno underground scene and felt the
spirit which is inspiring him until today.
When he was touching the first Vinyl, something magic happens in his mind ..
.. a small spark flashed..
Across the years , the small spark was raising into a wildfire ..
.. and Kay TO was born
He transmits his love and passion for electronic music into the crowd and let them freak
out like they never did before ..
When he starts his set, everyone knows, KayTO is the light that will shine bright from the
DJ`s stage to guide the people into the magic world of electronic music . .
.. abstract rhythms are flowing through his veins and hypnotic captivating melodys
..creating pictures in his head which he will show to the people..
He invites the crowd to see, to feel


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