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Ricardo Motta

Ricardo Motta started his career when he was very young, acting as a DJ on his friends house party. With 14 years old,he started professionally at legendary clubs.  

In 1994, he played at Garage Club in São Paulo. In 1997 he started to play as a resident DJ at Disco Fever, one of the most famous clubs in São Paulo. He played there for four years.   

In 2000, Ricardo was invited to play as resident DJ at Sound Factory Club in São Paulo. From 2001 to 2003, he started to play at The Hall Club in Curitiba city as a resident DJ and, at the same time, he played in most of dance clubs of the city and was responsible to innovate the electronic music developing together with a saxophonist, the Sax Heaven Project. That was a proposal that joined the House Music with references that goes from jazz to soul music.  

Ricardo Motta presented the Sax Heaven Project in a tour to Europe innovating and impressing by the sound quality and dynamic provided by his sets.  

He is an versatile artist, with a strong technical precision and a large music repertory. His predominant stile is House and Tech House going through Electro and Minimal.  

Ricardo Motta talent is over than mix music art, he works as a music producer and his work received several press praises on 2003. He became know in Europe by the CD player of british magazine DJ Mag (the main and biggest electronic music publication in the world) on tracks "Bem Melhor" and "Galinhada". At the same period, Nic Fanciulli launched the track Spy on the British label Renaissence in connection with artists as Basemente Jaxx, Sandy Rivera, Anthony Acid and Paolo Mojo. This track is one of Ricardo´s preferred tracks and use to be played on his sets.

This knowhow gave him credentials to play on Label Renaissance party in Brazil on clubs as Pacha, Warung and others.  

Nowadays, Ricardo has several Eps and singles launched by renowned labels as: Renaissance, Exun Records, Knob Records, BugEyed Records, Absolutely Records, Dj Mag, RotRaumMusic, Music Records, 3 Star Muzik, Privilége Superbia Records,Red Hammer Records, Southamerican House, Intelecto Records, Housbeat Records, Urbr, Lua Music, Eletrodomésticos, Smart Traxx, Memorabilia Records, Puzzle Records, This Beat Records, Orbiter, Display Records and musical production partnerships with famous international names as: Oscar L, Del Horno, Joy Marquez , Tonny Puccio, Dj Monxa, Dj Dextro, Human Beans, Alex Milan, Jordi Sanchez, Jake Chec, Alejandro Roman, Jerome Zambino and others.  

During those last years, he has played in important events and national and international clubs as:Pacha (Sp), Rose Bar (Cancún), The Beach Club (Cancún), Living Club (México D.F), PK Club ( México D.F),W.Club (Lisboa Portugal), Rools Pub (Figueira da foz Portugal), Vinyl Plazza (Figueira da foz Portugal), Discoteca Karma ( Rio Maior Portugal), Lotus, Reebok Tops 2006, Disco, Daslu, Warung,Kiwi (Floriranopolis),Vila Uber, Cabaret, Deluxe.E, Tostex, Deseo (Balneario camburiú) Disco Fever, Garage Club, It Club, Muzik, Ultralounge, Sound Factory, W. Mix, Rave EXP (Cuiabá), Mercado Mundo Mix (Rio de Janeiro, Campinas e São Paulo), Festa Da Val, Rave Indústria Cluber (Aracaju), Fashion Club (Recife), DOT (Maringá), Big Fish (Curitiba), The Hall (Curitiba), Box Club (Curitiba), Mediterrâneo (Curitiba), Factory, Confraria (Florianópolis), Nightlife (Florianópolis), Stereo Pub (Curitiba), Warp Zone, MTV Eletrônica, Lov.e, D-edge, Loungedeluxe, BuBu Lounge, SPKZ, Club Z, Skol Spirit,Zoof Club (Campinas), Clube Vila V, Hall, Cokeluxe, MTV Eletrônica, Big Fish, Warp Zone, Christmas of Love, Eletrogroove and others.  

Due to his differential set list that causes euphoria, his charima and capacity to captivate his public, Ricardo is admired by a lots of fans and divided pick ups with famous names as: John Digweed, Derrick Carter, Audiofly, Wally Lopez, Little Louie Vega, Yousef , Max Graham, Ricky Ryan, Ton Neville, Josh Wink, Behrouz, King Unique, New Order DJ set, Desyn Masielo, Demi, OMID 16B, Sven Vath , Marco Carola, Christian Varela, Jeff Swing, Dj Fist,Del Horno, Jordi Sanchez, Joy Marquez, Erich Ensastigue, Eric Entrena, Gustavo Zapata, Kriss Salas and others. 

Nowadays, Ricardo Motta is a resident DJ of Bubu Lounge club in São Paulo city, considered by the local press and public in general as the best mix club in 2008. All of this trajectory became Ricardo Motta as one of the biggest names of House Music in Brazil.


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