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Thomas Weser

Thomas Weser




Born 1980 in Bautzen, he early gained unconsciously his interest of music. The fall of the wall in 1989 opened up new possibilities and aroused his interest for electronic music. His love for this kind of music was attracted out of fascination for innovative and creative techno moves. characterized by his personal and musical growth at the beginning he developed his unique style of music. Sentimental sounds mixed up with hard floating beats embark the listener on a journey and will explode every show.





2013    Thomas Weser – Lost Souls (Original) – Tretmuehle (Re-Release)

2012    Mammutgroove – Can´t Be Happy (Thomas Weser Remix) – Rotraum Music

2010    Friends Of Xerud – 1000 Gods (Thomas Weser Remix) – l´n´l recordings

2010    Thomas Weser – Lost Souls (Original) – Diametral






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